Parent Teacher Association
The aims and objects of the association are:
1. To foster and promote good relationship among the members of the teaching staff, students, and parents/guardians of the students.
2. To create in members a keen interest for the smooth working of the college and for maintaining good discipline and high academic standards.
3. To collect subscriptions, donations, gifts etc., from members, non-members and the otherinstitutions for furthering the aims and objectives of the association.
4. To institute scholarships, prizes, medals etc., to benefit students showing a high proficiencyin their studies.
Memberships:- (a) The parents/guardians of all the students on the rolls of the college duringa year shall be eligible to be members of the Association.
(b) When a student is removed from the rolls of the College the parent/guardian of the student shall ipso facto cease to be member of the Association.
(c) The Principal and the other members of the teaching staff shall ipso facto be members of theAssociation.

Constitution of PTA