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The college emblem and motto represent the aspirational principles of the institution. The Indian spiritual dictum that the worship and nourishment of the diversity of the external and the unity of the internal are the fundamental principles of a healthy life is reflected in each minute element of our culture. While holding fast to the rich heritage of the Indian culture, our youth must also learn to open their minds to the world and internalise all that is good in other cultures of the world. As an institution of learning, we consider it our duty to prepare our youth to reach for the farthest horizons of knowledge in an age where the whole world has become a single village and the borders that once separated nations have become irrelevant. The future needs a generation of young minds who are capable of taking up the challenges posed by a fast-changing world. Here at the SARBTM Government College, Koyilandy we have created an environment that enables our students to gain access to a variety of fields of knowledge where they will learn things that will shape their character, strengthen their will, develop their intellectual faculties, and make them self-sufficient human beings who are an asset to the nation and the world. These principles are reflected in our emblem and our motto. Three quadrants of our emblem represent three important areas of human enterprise viz. science, industry, and trade and commerce through the symbols of the rocket, the factories, and the ship respectively. These human endeavours are shown as co-existing with a bountiful nature and sustainable environmental practices represented by the coconut palm which is also a symbol for the state of Kerala. The lighted lamp at the centre forms the crux to all these diverse elements, symbolising the significance of knowledge. Our motto “Yatra viswam bhavatyeka needam” in translation means “Where the entire world becomes a single nest”. In our institution, students are trained not only in academics, but also in selfless love and service to the nation and the world. Here young men and women learn how to see the entire world as one entity, as if it was their own home.  

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  • B.Sc. Mathematics, New Course sanctione by Govt. of Kerala
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