Vision and Mission
 Our Vision
     The motto of the college is “Yatravisvambhavatyekaneedam”(Where the world is as a single nest). As illustrated by the motto,     the aim of the institution is to help our students become not just excellent academicians but also exceptional human beings       who see all the world, all humanity as their own family.
    In consonance with the policy of the government, the college has a vision of
  •   Bringing higher education of the best quality to rural youth, and thus,
  •   Moulding citizens of both competence and confidence who can successfully take on contemporary socio-economic,       cultural, and political challenges, and
  •   Nurturing generations of youth who are not just excellent scholars but invaluable innovators who can make unique      contributions to the society
Our Mission
  • To provide academic, cultural, and physical training to rural youth for the building of a healthy and viable society through balanced orientation towards basic as well as applied sciences, with due importance to the humanities- languages and social sciences.
  • To train students to approach sources of knowledge with a spirit of rationality and questioning, rather than with the limited aims of memorising and rote-learning.
  • To motivate youth, especially young women, in the rural-agrarian environs of the college to pursue higher education and ambitious career goals, with such a pursuit resulting in their all-round development and increased participation in the larger, global economy.
  • To empower highly qualified faculty members with the opportunity to engage with rural youth and address their needs and ambitions using the best and the latest in academic trends and developments.
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  • B.Sc. Mathematics, New Course sanctione by Govt. of Kerala
P.O.Muchukunnu, Via Koyilandy Kerala State, Pin 673307.